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I too am an unhappy Straight Talk customer. I had a Verizon account with my daughter sharing 1000 minutes between the two of us and NEVER went over my minutes.

Once the contract was up, I decided to get a prepaid service selecting Straight Talk as my current provider. Needless to say, I've notice that I'm being cheated out of my minutes. For the past three months, Straight Talk stated I've either used close to 1000 minutes or I was unable to use my phone at all until it was time to refill my minutes again. In the beginning, Straight Talk provided a service which automatically indicated how many minutes were available prior to each call.

I questioned why I no longer have this service and they indicated, "we just did away with it." NOT HAPPY!! I am going back to Virgin Mobile

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This is not a no service contract company. this is a NO SERVICE company.

Phone broke less than a year. Two weeks still no replacement phone don't know when if ever be replaced because they refuse to tell you. If you would enjoy being without your phone for extended amount of time then this is the no service for you! And....

You lose all your info because guess what they can't transfer it again NO SERVICE. wal mart sells the phones and the service but totally washes their hand of any responsibility to their coustomers.


I'm in the same boat with u... I got the unlimeted when i had the $ but then had to get the 1000 when i didnt...

A day after i added the minutes it told me i didnt have anymore...

I had only sent 5 txt and no calls... I thnk i will just swtch to a normal plan...


why would anyone pick the plan that has minutes, they have a unlimited plan for $15 more. i get about 200 or 300 text messages a day so i would need unlimited. the only reason im not switching yet is because they dont offer blackberry phones


Thank you for your response Devin however, I'm well aware of the $45 unlimited plan. I'm on a strict budget and as I've said earlier, if I only had 500 minutes with Verizon and NEVER gone over my minutes why this sudden change when I switch to Straight Talk.

I also found myself refilling every three 3wks as oppose to every 30days. Needless to say, I've switched to Virgin Mobile ($30-1500mins) and am happy with this plan.


Thank you Devin however, I am very aware of the $45 unlimited plan. I am on a very strict budget and at the time I figured the $30 plan was reasonable considering I never go over or come close to using 1000 min in one month. Needless to say, I now have a $30 plan (1500 min) with Virgin Mobile and am very happy with it.


its 45 for unlimited everything wyh would you pick min. instead? i spent over 150 using virgin mobile in 4days just get the unlimited for your plan all u got to do is call

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