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Ishu have been a straighttalk customer for quite a while now, and I must say that their "unlimited" data plan is definately not unlimited! I have had my internet access totally shut off before, so I contacted the company.

I spent 4 hours repeatedly calling or being put on hold (waited over an hour at one point and never got to speak to anyone.) I finally got to speak to someone that could actually speak english clear enough to tell me. I had been using too much data.

I asked how this is possible on an unlimited plan, and the response I got was "I am sorry but we cannot reactivate your internet service." I bought a new phone and got a new number, and now the problem that I have is that if I spend much time at all online, I eventually lose 3g service for 24-48 hrs regardless of my location, even if someone standing right beside me with an identical phone & service provider has full 3G service! I do not reccommend this company to anybody

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

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I hate the fact tht i will b on the internet and i get the page not available, and i cant go anywhere else from that. The video streaming is horrible! My proclaim just got sent back because its being replaced but because of all these experiences /fomments im scaredill just get bs from them.


FILE A BBB COMPLAINT! --It's what I did and they eventually reactivated my phone and added on 4 months of free service.


What was it that you did?


This is Beccah, Idk my log in. I filed a BBB report and had to buy a new phone, get a new number and pay for service.

After 4 months I finally got it resolved with BBBs help and they reactivated my phone and included 4 months because that's how long it took to figure it out. And mine was because someone else used too much data and I activated a phone with the same number so they assumed it was me


It doesn't seem to matter what I do online, they still seem to pull my 3g service if I'm online for any period of time at all. Seems strange considering I live within site of the cell tower (isn't a problem with signal, they're limiting data usage to almost nothing.) I find it funny people can say it was adult websites when I was in a relationship for almost 5 months and had absolutely not been on an adult website during that time frame and still had this problem.

"Unlimited" is a word they use to get customers. Once you buy their phone and service plan, it is up to them how much data you are allowed to use. They have good phones and a great price, if they would make their unlimited plan truly unlimited WITHIN REASON! I can understand it being a problem if someone is using 15g a month or more, but there's no way I've ever used that much.

I never went over 8g in a month when I had a laptop with wifi and used Skype every night to talk to my girlfriend. I bet the people marking this as b.s.

work for the company... seems to me like the countless complaints of this same problem would tell you something


My Daughter has had her data use restricted by straighttalk. They put her thru to a "data specialist" when she called them and it turned out to be a recording telling her how to use less data to avoid being restricted.

I read a statement online from ST that basically says if they think you are tethering your phone to other devices they have the right to cut your data use off.

BS I say... :(

@straighttalk ***sumer

Apparently *** is a no go. That's what they told me even thouh i'm over the age of 18.

I guess this is happening on a rapid scale lately. They don't acknowledge what unlimited is. Just acknowledge the fact that it is an available option. They can kick you off for any reason.

Good luck dealing with these Indian tools. :( :roll

@straight talk fool

It was adult websites.