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I just purchased an i phone 4 off ebay and did not want to have to go back to verizon with an expensive 2yr contract. So I called Straight Talk and told them my situation and they said it would be no problem to use my iphone with their service. So I ordered the $45 plan and $14.99 Sim card to go with my I PHONE 4. I told the representative I had an I PHONE 4 that I needed the Sim card for. He said fine and took all my information, which took forever because he could not get the spelling right on my address or city!!! It would have been easier to do it online myelf! So three days later I get the Sim card, the WRONG Sim card, for my phone. I spoke with two representatives that I could barely understand, who only wanted to activate my service and not fix my problem! I told them repeatedly that I could not get the service activated if the Sim card would not fit. They did not get that at all. So finally I get a manager. She also just wants to activate my service despite the fact that I have told her as well that the Sim card will not fit. FINALLY she puts me on hold to verify the information I have given her and tells me that they dont have Sim cards for I phones!!!!!!!! After all this, I clearly told the representative in the beginning that I needed service and a Sim card for an I Phone 4 or else I wouldnt have bought a used I phone! I would have just gotten a new one with a contract again! Now I am stuck with a used phone and no phone service. Needless to say I am not happy. I will not be recommending Straight Talk to anyone. This was ridiculous. Oh and dont bother emailing them, it will come back as undeliverable. I also asked for a corporate number and it was the same automated number as before.

Monetary Loss: $310.

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If you are thinking of just throwing it away, it is possible to cut the minisim you have down to microsim size to fit in your iPhone. There are videos on YouTube showing how to do it. I'd only try it if you really have no other option though.

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