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we just went from Verizon to straight talk a few months ago, to save money on our phone service. it cut our bill in half each month, which was great!

however, we have had problems out of their phones! my first phone went bad, kept cutting off while I was stalking to people, would just go out. did that all the time, very annoying. so, we called customer service to get a new phone, it was awful!

they kept misunderstanding everything, making us have to call them back, had us back and forth on the phone for an hour! then, they agreed to send us a new phone. well, we never received it after a week, we called them back, and they proceeded to tell us we had to mail the old phone in!! duh!

they did not tell us that!

so beware of customer service! terrible!

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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #723954

Same here. I have had nothing but problems with this company.

No one told me that I had to send my defected phone in or that they needed it before they would ship me a new one. My phone is virtually useless. It will not stay on more than 10 seconds before it cuts off and with the battery at full charge. The screen completely freezes then cuts off.

I have to remove the battery and power up that way every time I want to turn in on. I can't text, go online, receive calls, or navigate my menus. I have problems in the past with their phones but nothing this severe. I just applied a phone card two days before my phone finally killed over.

They refuse to refund my money because I bought the card at Walmart. Then the customer service rep changed her mind all of the sudden and told me that I needed the receipt from walmart even though my account clearly states when and how much I added. They are basically telling me that I'm SOL.

I told them *** no. I will not stop until someone makes it right.

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