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Straight Talk Wireless in Harrisonburg, Virginia - Not to happy

i bought a samsung phone at walmart and decided to buy a straight talk unlimited card. Today my phone crashed so i called straight talk helpline.I first talked to a man who did not help me.And when I called and asked to speak to a manager She was not able to speak clearly enough that we could communicate well. She became frustrated with me and hung up on me.She gave me a number to call with no code so I called the number and talked to Michelle she helped me but in order to make this right I have to be without a phone for two weeks. My job requires me to have a phone. This has been a very disrupting thing.
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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan
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Straight Talk Wireless in Richmond, Virginia - POOR customer service

The reception has been overall pretty good with straight talk, however please don't ever have to get a new phone. My husband has encountered 3 different situations with straight talk in which his business phone has been turned off, even though we have the unlimited plan. When one phone broke and a new one purchased we were still charged for the old and new phone. The worse part is that each time there is a problem I am on the phone no less than an hour and up to 2 1/2 hours. This is very annoying. Please get people who can understand English.
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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan

Straight Talk Wireless in Radford, Virginia - Can't recieve texts without calling a number!

So a couple months ago I get my Huawei Ascend Y from straight talk and the $45 unlimited plan. I start using my data a lot because it did say "Unlimited." I noticed that after about a month my data was getting really slow, so I decided to call the tech support, long story short they say that my phone has been using a lot of data and that it is being throttled, although, after the 30 days of service, it's suppossed to reset and for the next 30 days of service no throttling, right? Nope, not at all. It just got slower and slower and now it randomly cuts off. Getting to my main rant, my phone worked great (besides the data issues) for the first month or two, but now I can't recieve texts without having to call a random number (I.E, my voicemail), after a few seconds into the call the text/s would foward onto my phone. I call tech support again and after being transferred about 4 times, I finally reach a guy that I can understand. I tell him the problem, we run through a couple of methods to try and fix my phone and nothing works, so he tells me that I will recieve a box in the mail with instructions to put my phone in the box, then I will have another phone (same model) shipped to my house, everything will be transferred FOR FREE. After he gets my address, name, secondary number and all of that hoopla, he THEN goes on to tell me that shipping charges would be around $60, when he said EVERYTHING was free, shipping and all. In the end, it's been about 5 days since I called tech support to get that shipped and guess what, still haven't got it. I hope everyone learns a lesson from this. If you recieve a screwed up phone from Straight Talk or they mess with your coverage and plan, then can't get it working right, it's suppossed to be YOUR fault, when they sold you the phone and it's suppossed to have warrenty on it.
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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan
  • NOT unlimted data
  • Crappy tech support
  • Untold of shipping charges

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