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Straight Talk Wireless - Phone Plan Review

Am a straight talk user,but my sim got expired just this month.I bought a one month service plan $45 from walmat.I have the receipt n the card.In the process of acting it today 12th of August 2014,the automated voice linked me to a service point.It was a lady who picked,she ask my number and the pin on the card and ask me to stay on the line,and in the process my phone went off cos my battery was down.I plug the phone and try the activating process again.One again I was directed again to a customer service rep. who I believe was the one who picked the first time,I explained and she collected my info. once again and to my suprise she said the card has been used already.I tried to explain that but she told me it the automated voice that activated it,mean why it directed me to her cos it has difficulty in getting the numbers clearly.Pls I will like to fine out what when wrong,cos my phone is still deactivated.Thank you.
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Hi, this is Maria and I work for Straight Talk Wireless. I can help you get this resolved right away.

Please email us your contact information to

Include your name, contact number, cell phone or serial number. Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @

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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan

Straight Talk Wireless in Seattle, Washington - Straight talks unlimited service is straight unlimited ***

I just recently started the straight talks so called "Unlimited Plan" and with in two weeks i start realizing my brower service is reacting slow my music player wont allow any music to play so of course i call and ask why my services are being delayed not sure if my phone had caught a virius or not but apparently they said i had been streaming or downloading movies online ???? I explained to them how i only used my phone for calls an as my phone has mp3 capabilities i have been listening to my music from the mp3 i was informed i would recieve a notification an upon receiving this notifcation i would need to purschase another unlimited plan pin and services would be restored to unlimited services i explained that i had just activated the phone two weeks ago an it made no sense that an "unlimited" monthly service i had only used for two weeks should need to be purchased again the rep than went on to explain that i had probably exceeded my data usage i asked her how? And she said maam have you been streaming or downloading movies off the internet i said no i only use my mp3 player through the phone and access my phone calls she said you need to do that through the wifi you have used all your data useage for this month and in order for thier unlimited plan to work i should have been using wifi for the unlimited service to apply i than explained how they should have stated unlimited monthly service providing your using wifi an simply stating unlimited monthly service was false advertisement an i would no longer be using thier services nor will i ever recommend thier services to anyone
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Nothing you have said in here is true or factual sorry... i use my phone to run my computer through tether...i stream pandoria...i watch youtube videos and on and on and on....if your using an m3p it has nothing to do with data...its playing songs off the phones them slowing or shuting off your data would do nothing to the mp3 player or speed...

now since somthing happend to your speed as you said this means you were infact using somone online streaming feature for music or movies....according to the TOS you agreed to when buying the phone they slow your data ussage down after a certain cap...but not stop it....FYI all companys do this...not just straight talk...then you called customer service and lied to the representative about how your data speeds were slowing down but you didnt use them....if you dont use them how do you know they are slowing down? hmm

TLDR your a liar that probably just put to much on your harddrive and it lagged your phone at...this issue had nothing to do with data...and you lying to customer service only worsened the issue rather then helping to get it fixed.

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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan

Straight Talk Wireless in Seattle, Washington - I thought srpint was bad nut wow

I WAS KICKED OFF THE DATA PLAN WITH NO WARNING OR REASON. I THOUGHT IT WAS UNLIMITED. I found out by calling the customer service and after the 2nd person from india I talked to told me I used to much data and then was transfered to an automated message explaining it is within their right to kick me off the data plan. The messed up part was I paid my bill and didn't find out until after I was kicked off. So I blew my money on really bad and very limited phone service .... it seems I am not the only one this has happens to I have seen after reading on the net. I do not give straight talk much longer of staying in business with *** pore service like this. I know I switched and hope no one else gets sucked into their lies ,.......... ............
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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan
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