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I have had the worst experience I have ever had with this company. Service is ok, rarely see any more than 2 bars in the bay area and have to restart my phone every other day (Not the phone swapped phone while having this provider).

The high speed till 2.5gb of use is absolute ***, at lest than 1.3 gb my account was reduced to lower than 2g speed (which it should be 2g not lower)! According to them, the estimated average is 1 mbps (for 2g) I was getting 0.04-0.08 mbps which is no where close to the 1 mbps. The customer service is horrible! My only solution with them was to cancel my service and go to another company.

I originally contacted them about reducing my speed before it should be, which then kept going and I finally deiced to leave that be and just try to get that 1 mbps that I deserve. The solution for that was canceling my service the costumer support person I was talking to when I asked him to cancel my auto-pay did not even say anything to get me to stay telling me that the obviously don't care about there costumers and it was not just a costumer care person it was the a manager! which is the highest rank you can get to with out being on hold for 20-60 min or even longer. This is really sad that there support and care for the customers is not at all there.

If you ever got frustrated with customer support after being on the phone with them for an hour? Times that by 10 because I was on the phone with them for over 4 hours with no solution to my problem!

If you were thinking about getting this service at all I hope you are no longer thinking about it. If you are I wish you the best of luck.

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