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Update by user Jul 05, 2013

Just a lttle up date....

I chose to keep the phone after I got it because I needed a phone. Well let me tell you guys this....

the phone does what it wants when it wants. One day I picked it up to use it and everything was in SPANISH...after 8 hrs. of pushing buttons it went back to ENGLISH...W.T.F.

Then I went to WALMART to get a cover for it and I was told by a sales person and I quote " they dont make covers for this phone because it is a TEST phone and it probably wont be working in 3 months " WOW, again W.T.F......

I am over the whole thing and I have gotten another phone with another company and WOW what a difference...a real phone that WORKS consistently.

If you deal with these people after reading my post then you are *** and you get what you deserve.......peace.....

Original review posted by user Jun 13, 2013

I ordered a phone on 6-11-13 online and paid $4.99 s.h. for 3 day delivery because overnight delivery was$14.99.

After i completed my $129.94 order and i printed my receipt i saw they offered FREE overnight s.h. with orders over $30.00. I called them right back and was promptly told in so many words that they could not do anything about it. I was curious so i checked my bank account and they had already took the money out.This all happened in 10 minuets.

I felt ripped off so called back and wanted to cancel the order and asked for my money back. After 3 hrs. and 9 different non English speaking so called managers later, each one with a different excuse i was told sorry but the order has shipped and it i would have to wait to get the phone then send it back and then my money would be returned back to me in 30 days. I said that was unacceptable and they basically said tough there was nothing i could do about it.

It is now 6-12-13 and I just got off the phone again, another 1 hr., and was hung up on 3 different times when i said i could not understand them and could i PLEASE talk to an English speaking manager.I have NEVER been so patronized in my life and i am going to make it my mission to bury this so called company. I have contacted my bank and they are going to do a full investigation and i have reported them to the B.B.B. and i will post this every day until they are shut down or fined or until i get my money back and i am satisfied.

I know there is no such thing as customer satisfaction anymore because most companies i deal with now could care less if i am satisfied customer or not and i have accepted that but I WILL NOT LET SOME *** COMPANY LIKE STRAIGHT TALK STEAL MY HONEST, HARD EARNED MONEY WEATHER IT IS A PENNY OR $129.94. I WILL SPEND $$$$$$$ TO MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT RIP ANYMORE HONEST PEOPLE OFF.......By the way, straight talk wireless is the umbrella company for Net 10 and Trac Phone as well so beware of these providers as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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I know this is an old Post. You should've seriously left off the last couple of sentences.

Do you think your opinion is gold? There are way more people out there with pleasant experiences with ST.

Who are you to be calling anyone ***** for using ST? You had my attention until that point...peace!


Haha!!! Yes, because the omnipotent retailer will certainly cower to the internet demands made by some silly looking enraged old people who are butthurt their cheap merchandise operates merchandise. LMFAO!!!


Oh yes, I found they were one big company after having a problem /w tracfone I went out and got a straight talk phone. That is when I realized I was dooped not once but now twice...LOL You are right they could care less if you are satisfied in the end or not.

And they think they can push us around, hahaha *** BABY! We fight back!