Beware of what you pay for. This is a wonderful cheap, quality product when everything works.

However, please expect no customer service. The poorest quality reception for abnormally extended time periods for which you pay for your minutes customer service does/does not resolve your problem. I was a former TracFone customer who left the company years ago for lack of customer service. Due to poor economic times and trying to save money, i recently was persuaded by a co worker to get a straight talk phone.

I've been happily satisfied AT&T customer 12+ years. However due to costs only, i decided to switch. WORST decision ever made in my life. I spent over 30 minutes on phone with no resolution and informed by customer service they couldn't email me either.

I was able to understand only 4th syllable of every word. I inquired where this customer service was and she explained Southeast Asia. I asked if this poor quality reception was any indication of the quality of service to be expected. Worst customer service ever.

I was calling their customer service from a straight talk cell phone to the customer support trying to convert a home phone to $15 per month plan... Well needless to say i'm evaluating this entire experience and plan to return the home phone router to the company for full refund. Customer service is an added benefit that is required in the technology world we live in today. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Nothing in life is free...

Sad to think this could be an exceptional value if the customer service was improved. Please read other reviews online of other straight talk experiences with customer service.

Monetary Loss: $145.

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