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I recently upgraded from my iphone 4s to a iphone 5c and needed a new straight talk sim card on my pay as you go plan ($45/mo). The only way to get it was by fedex at whatever time they decided to deliver it and of course, I HAD to sign for it.

Of course I had to work and I was unable to be there for any of the delivery attempts. I called straight talk "customer service" and told them I needed my new sim and was told that I had to wait til fedex had exhausted all delivery attempts and then the item would "return to the shipper" which I was told was nearly an hour away, while there is a local fedex office that I told them I would gladly go to and sign for there. No, they said they have no way to contact fedex regarding the shipment and could do nothing for me. I call fedex and they say they cannot leave the sim at the local office either because straight talk says that it can only be delivered to where I asked for it to be sent.

I then call back straight talk to verify that I will be able to pick the new sim up at that remote location since they said that it would be held there for 5 days after the failed delivery attempts. Again, they say no. I'm already boiling with anger at this point after being a customer with this carrier for years. After getting nowhere with straight talk with their lack of customer service skills and inability to continue service on my new phone, I went with a new carrier.

I then call back straight talk and explain how little was done for me to resolve my issues resulting in cancelling my account and ask for a refund of my unused portion of my month's service and the sim card shipment that I was unable to receive. I was transferred 3 times, ending up at the "refund" department. This last person said they could not refund any of my unused portion of my plan(um, never heard of prorating?!)nor could they even refund the $7.42 for the sim that I could not reasonably receive (unless I decided to *** from work and wait quietly for hours for the knock on the door from the fedex driver). And as I'm asking for the refund on the sim shipment, guess what they tell me in addition to NO on a refund?

The representative said the package would be held for 5 days at my LOCAL fedex office where I could pick it up!!!! Not one person at straight talk gave me this option even when i ASKED if they could!!! Had I been properly informed, I could have reluctantly waited until the sim arrived at the nearby fedex office and just picked it up and been done with this whole situation. On top of this all I asked the last person I talked to to transfer me to their supervisor and she said she was the supervisor...

Apparently a supervisor of the refund department that doesn't actually give refunds even if the customer hasn't been given accurate information, and actually WANTED to stay with straight talk in the first place...hmmm. AND, after being on the phone with this inept "customer service" staff for 45 minutes, the LAST person i talk with says they don't give refunds on shipped sim cards or unused portions of plans unless one has not used more than two days of "service". Any of those people should have been able to tell me I was not getting a refund when I first told them of my wants in the first few minutes. Finally, none of the representatives show any empathy nor even pretend to care about the happiness of the customer and are little more than robots reading from a script in a faraway country.

Not ONCE did I hear "I'm sorry" or "I wish I could help you more with this" etc. Not a single kind word.

HORRIBLE,HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!!! Shame on Walmart for this total lack of care for its customers!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Sim Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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