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I washed my phone two weeks ago Monday . I have and had an iPhone 5 .

After calling Walmart in Lawrenceville annoyed to see if they had straight talk and they knowledged that they did, I drove there after work and they sold straight talk cards but not the phones. So it was getting late I went home made dinner thought I'd try again the next day . so the next day after work I drove two towns away , into the next state, ( to Princeton Indiana ) to the Walmart Store there . they were sold out of the iPhone 5.

I did not have my bankcard with me and I only brought $400 so I could not buy the six . I then went home aggravated and thought that I would try the next day after work. My boss was not happy about me not having a phone. Wednesday I drive back to Princeton Indiana not only are they sold out of iPhone 5 but they now are sold out about iPhone 6.

I really couldn't believe it. They still told me they have no idea where they would get new phones in . I talk to another person who called the warehouse that said three phones would be coming in three days. I really needed to find a phone.

I asked them if they would mind calling Vincennes Indiana to the Walmart store there. They were very nice and they accommodated me by making the call and enquiring if they carry the iPhone 5 and have them in stock. They too were sold out. I then go back home once again without a phone.

Thursday after work I called Apple and asked them about getting a phone they told me that I must contact straight talk. After hanging up from Apple i called the straight talk company and ask about getting the iPhone 5 in which I was told that you were also out. I was so stressed that I gave up and went to bed Friday after work I got ready for my granddaughters birthday party that I was having for her in Evansville Indiana. Saturday I have a party in Evansville Indiana and I go to all of the Walmart stores there and they too are sold out.

We spend the night in a hotel and I drive home Sunday. Sunday I called your company again straight talk and I asked the lady if they had it a straight talk iPhone 5c in stock that I had called Thursday and they were sold out. To which the lady replied to me well if are sold out there's nothing I can do to help you. In which I replied that man that was Thursday and today is Sunday so would you check again to see if you have any in now.

She put me on hold and she came back and said that you now have the phones in stock . Instantly my breath left my body and I was so thankful and I replied wow I can't believe it was this hard to get a phone. In which the lady on the phone raises her voice and says to me I just told you we have them in . I could not believe that she had just yelled at me so hateful.

I then yelled at her..... Don't you scream at me. She then replies do you want the phone or not. I say to her....

no right now I want a manager . She then is switching need to someone else and we are disconnected. After realising that I still didn't get my phone purchased and couldn't believe what had just happened I sucked it up and I called back . I then ordered a telephone.

When ordering this phone they said it would be overnighted to me. In a great relief I said thank god I can't believe I'm going to have my phone tomorrow I'm in such trouble with my work for not having a phone and I had explained how I washed my phone . I then gave all my information they told me that I must order a monthly card with that in order to get the $200 phone it came to $260 and I just wanted my phone. So Monday I took a personal day from work because the woman said someone had to be here to sign for the phone.

The phone didn't come. I called your company once again I am told them that my phone didn't come. After being on the phone for a long time I was informed that Sunday wasn't a regular business day , I am to be patient, ( they kept looking things up ) came back and told me that the order was in transit that the company would be receiving the ticket I am I order would be sent out . So thinking in my head that this has been over guided Sunday was the business day that I would receive it Tuesday .

So I had to go to work I talk to my nephew went to staying home from his job and once again the phone didn't come . Tuesday once again I called your company had to go through all the whole story all over again they had to keep checking on things putting me on hold for a long periods of time and they told me that once they make is shipping to ticket that it has to take it turn to get out to the other company. Once that is done then the phone will be shipped. I was on the phone almost 2 hours for them to check all the stuff out and to talk to me.

Wednesday once again the phone did not come.Now you must remember I wasn't told that I put the order in on Sunday which was not a business day and that they would do it when they found the time. I was told Sunday that it would be overnighted. Monday I was given a little more information. Tuesday I was given even a little more information.

And as you can see by the Fed X document my shipment information wasn't even sent to them until almost midnight Tuesday.So I took a chance called your company again was on the phone for two hours again explaining the whole thing and how desperate I was to have my phone for my job and ask even if the gas station across the street could sign for my phone and I was told to leave a permission slip there. I did that but while I was at work I was so nervous about this but I ended up taking off work and going home and waiting in about 330 the phone came to my house not to the gas station like the person on the phone tell me a word and I signed for it and I got my phone. I don't know if it was this day or the night before when I called that I spoke with someone who in turn gave me a manager on the phone but I explained all this to and then he gave me the free months on my phones. I was also told that I would have my four days that were remaining on my old plan.

I was given numbers to call in and give. The straight talk representative. I did all of this and I thought it was taken care of. Everytime I call it takes for ever for them to find the information we have to start all over and I'm on the phone almost 2 hours.

So then when my account was charged for them months for a bus when I had a free month coming and I have a card for a month service that I purchased when I purchased my phone. I knew then not to have my money automatically taken out of my account for a refill and said I wouldn't be needing that. So when they took my money out of my account yesterday and I called back that's when all this other happened. Once again it was two hours on the telephone two hours of *** that was!

The last " manager " was the rudest person I have ever encountered in my life . When I explained to him about my free service and gave him the numbers for that he said to me why would you think you deserve something like that. when I explained to him about my free service and gave him the numbers for that he said to me why would you think you deserve something like that That is too much . So I explain the whole thing to him and he said so what you waited four days for your phone you'll get four days free service you're not getting with the manager said I am the boss now .

He kept interrupting me he was rude and crude. I also have video and you can hear him interrupting me .

I never yell or swore at him but I sure wanted to . He was so smug and rude !!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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