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Update by user May 14, 2012

I demanded the phone number and/or email contact for ST\'s corporate HQ in Florida. After a number of calls, and receipt of email assuring me they would solve the problems I was original complaint was resolved.

I informed their HQ Management they have a \"Public Relations\" nightmare on their hands, and they agreed, saying they were doing all they can to correct it.

I now have another issue with the gray \"Lock\" icon that pops up every 5 seconds or so and won\'t go away.

I\'m posting another complaint about that. Knightsix

Original review posted by user Mar 15, 2012

Bought a ST Samsung Galaxy SCH-M828 w/Android OS. Battery overheats during recharge & stops communicating with OS, hence error msg that 'battery is not correct' or similar. Was able to return phone to Walmart as hadn't had it for more than the 14 day return policy. Walmart gave me exact phone as replacement, and had same problem, but ignored it and phone eventually settled down. ST was worthless in attempting to correct this problem. Referred me to Samsung, who explained the issue, but bad on Samsung, they know about this battery issue but do nothing about it.

Now, ref. ST. I have never in the 65 years I've breathed air on planet Earth experienced such horrible cust. svc in my lifetime. As former military, I have no problem understanding the 'outsourced' cultures that populate their cust svc centers, BUT - they are uneducated, can only follow a script, and believe that continuing to state, "I apologize" will in some mysterious manner assuage the degree of anger any caller may have in dealing with them. All they can do is escalate the call to a supposed higher level of service, which is simply a higher level of incompetence. I have demanded a number of times to speak to their Corporate HQ in Florida and was given the number. You guessed it...the same outsourced culture, but supposedly in Florida. I was told outright by their Management that they were aware of the Cust Svc issues and were working to correct them. Not from where I sit, they aren't.

1) On 'Auto Refill' but phone svc was turned off anyway. ST Cust Svc Rep, told me he fixed problem. He actually cancelled my service and re-set me with new phone number - all without telling me he did that. Took hours over a period of four days, numerous calls to their Florida HQ demanding my number back, them telling me I had to wait 24 hours (2x), then another manager telling me I had to now wait for 48 hours. I refused any more stalls, and demanded they fix the problem and return my number due to illegal action of their Cust Svc dept. That call resulted in getting my original number back, and they did give me a credit of one week's free service.

2) Set up again for "Auto Refill" - system DID NOT refill my service - so here we go again. Called - was told all OK, service would automatically bill. NO, it didn't. I had to manually pay, then set up the Auto Refill feature myself, and confirmed it was done. Looked it up this morning and did it again - NO Auto Refill. They truly have a screwed up on-line system and that needs to be corrected as well.

Conclusion: The entire concept of ST has merit. Frankly, they offer a better deal out there than any of the big-box phone providers. BUT - ALL OF THEM have outsourced their Cust Svc, to the detriment of their good names. People from other cultures, despite the fact they speak a form of English, do not live in the U.S. and don't have a good grasp of day-do-day culture here and how to deal with us. Moreover, their training is inadequate and woefully incomplete. ST needs to take a hard look at how their Cust Svc department is being managed. My education is in Business and Management... I would personally fire the entire management staff and start over.

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REF. "dan the mann." What has my issue got to do with you and your amazing phone?

Did you get on the wrong page? I'm happy for you and your kumbiyah telly, but the problems and so-called customer service I encountered as a result warrant verbiage I'm not permitted to use here.

Get a grip and ensure you read fully before you fire a mis-directed round downrange. Knightsix


*** the phone is amazing

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