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I was comparing all the options of changing to a prepaid to get out of my "big carrier". All the ones I checked had some sort of BS on there "unlimited" data.

But at lest they all had them listed on there site. I went to straight talk after hearing my nephew was on them to compare. I could not find any info on there cap. So I pretended to be a new customer and still no info.

OK so I went into terms and conditions and actually read it all. Still nothing. So I called. They really don't know anything about the product at all.

I asked the customer service rep. "So do you stay at 4g speeds if I use over 2 gigs or like the other providers or do I go to 3g or 2g" her answer was first "You stay at what ever your phone is. If it is a 4g phone then is always a 4g phone" then after I told her she miss understood and asked "If I go over a certain gig will you slow my speeds down and to what 3g or 2g" her answer was then simply "yes" I was like thats not even answer. Finally she told me that it would be but its all automated but she could not tell me when or how fast!

I was said if its automated then tell me what the computer is set for. Really? Finally got a supervisor and they told me that its 1.5 you get slowed and you get a warning.

If you go over again you must be miss using it and they can shut you off. The supervisor even told me no joke that "using youtube is against the terms of service" not any amount just USING it was!

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